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Suffolk Heritage Orchards is registered under No2262455 at The National Business Register.
Suffolk Heritage Orchards is a small commercial orchard
business which was established in December 2004
by George Hodgkinson, a retired City shipping lawyer. For further information on the start up of the project, click on Events/News and view crunch time for George .George is Company Secretary of East of England Apples and Orchards Project.

England has a rich heritage of orchard fruits, but many of these are now at risk with the only surviving trees being in the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale, Kent.

We aim to grow commercially a limited number of traditional varieties of English apple with a certain emphasis on those raised in Suffolk. We want to help preserve these old varieties by growing and selling them to a wider clientele. Most of these old varieties are not currently available in the shops.
Welcome to Suffolk Heritage Orchards
There is also a plum orchard with some unusual varieties including Coe’s Golden Drop, a handsome dessert plum raised in Suffolk in late C18th.

The two orchards occupy a sunny south-facing site of about 4.5 acres and are located in Monks Eleigh near Lavenham.

The planting has been in two stages, the first in 2004/2005 and the second in 2007/2008.

In total we have 12 varieties of apple and 6 varieties of plum. For further information on their origins and eating seasons click on Apple Varieties or Plum Varieties.

We also sell apple juice produced from our apples. Our St Edmunds Pippin juice, in October 2010, won 2nd prize at the National Fruit Show .  Click on Apple Juice for description of types of juice.

The orchards are not organic.

The produce is marketed locally mainly through greengrocers, farm shops, restaurants and farmers markets.
courtesy of Barry Jewitt