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Main Varieties

Coe’s Golden Drop

bears the name of Jervais Coe, a market gardener in Suffolk who raised it in the late 18th century. It is a handsome late season dessert plum, related to the greengage, straw coloured with spots and flecks of rich crimson on its sunny side. It is delicious when fully ripe .


Denniston Superb raised in the USA  in the 19th century, is a most reliable cropping gage. It is medium size yellowish green tinged with red. It is prolific, a good pollinator, of excellent greengage like flavour .




Victoria raised in 1840 in Sussex and is perhaps the most popular and well known plum. The fruit is oval, red and of excellent flavour and is sweet and very juicy.


Jubilee raised in Sweden in 1985, is of similar in appearance to Victoria, but much larger and is picked one week earlier than Victoria.


Avalon raised in Bristol in about 1980, is a large round oval dessert plum of red colour and high quality.


Opal raised in Sweden in 1925, is an early season medium reddish purple fruit with superb flavour. It has a texture like that of a gage .

Plum varieties